Clark And Mills Partnership

Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark have been crowned as world sailors for this year and they have gained acclaim as Olympic champions as well. Indeed, there are several images all over media of both of the lady sailors celebrating the 470th gold medal win that they achieved in Rio de Janeiro. Both are Olympic medalists of considerable fame and they have even gained the World Sailor of Year award.

Clark is 37 years old and hails from Rhodes while Mills is 28 years old and is a native of Cardiff. They had secured silver in the 2012 London Olympics and this year they were able to secure gold in Rio. The award that they received in Barcelona helped both of them to come together for the last time as Clark has decided to retire from sailing while Mills is looking to sign up for the 49erFX class with an event coming up in Tokyo. Continue reading…

Queen’s Sail Victory Created History

Yachting World Cup for students held in La Rochelle, France was just normal, but this time the team of Canada was not normal.

The team has been here not just to win, but to create history. Queen was chosen to represent Canada in the championship. And in 36 years any Canadian team first time won this championship and created the history.

The team was scheduled to compete with seven other teams coming from other parts of the world. In this championship total eight teams participates and each team did six races in week. All were pushing themselves to get gold and have done a lot of pre-preparation for it.

In their first five races Queens were standing on the place where they were three points ahead of their competitor. In the final round and sixth round they had to secure fourth position to maintain their lead and they did it. Continue reading…