Kiteboarding Australia and Australian Sailing Join Hands


The associations of Kiteboarding Australia and Australian Sailing made an announcement about their intentions to work hand in hand for the development of the next generation of champions in sailing sport from Australia for the Olympic Games. As the event of Mixed Kite will make its debut in the 2024 Paris Olympics, both the organizations have announced that they are going to plan jointly on how they can help to nurture a gold medallist sailor from Australia in that event.

The CEO of Australian Sailing, Ben Houston said this is a really exciting time for everyone from the sailing community especially for those who are involved in Kite foiling races. He added that they have already commenced the campaign plans for the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris. It includes their working with Kiteboarding Australia on how they can give their best support to each other for developing the athletes of the country for the upcoming mixed kite sailing event.
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All Female Crew For Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Bianca Cook is known to have been part of the campaign called Turn the Tide on Plastic which was executed during the Volvo Ocean Race. Being a Kiwi sailor, she is now part of a crew of female members who are taking part in Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. She says that her personal thoughts are that of being starstruck, having been invited to be part of this professional outfit of all female members who started out in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race this year.

Cook is, however, highly accomplished herself, having been part of global sailing events and it is also likely that she would be part of the next series of the Volvo Ocean race, especially the team being formed of Kiwi members. She admits that it is not easy to find work, one of the reasons that she joined this recent race campaign.
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Geoffrey Hart Spranger Passes Away

Newport has been home to several legendary sailors and one such name is Geoffrey Hart Spranger. He passed away at the age of 85 in Middletown, Rhode Island where his home was. His death was unexpected which occurred on 2nd August 2018. He had been admitted at Newport Hospital after being ill for some time. He is the only son of late Ruth Marie and Joseph Williams Spranger. Jeff had been born in 1932 on 25th November in East Providence.

He grew up in Edgewood in Cranston of Rhode Island. He went onto to major in English at Brown University and graduated in the year 1955. As an undergraduate, he gained membership in Theta Delta Chi fraternity group as well as became part of the sailing team at Brown University. Here he even served as president of the college team between the years 1954 to 1955. He also gained a Master degree in teaching from Browns in the year 1967.
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IOD Sailing World Championships Started At Northeast Harbor, Maine

The International One Design sailboat class world championships started on the Mount Desert Island granite shores on Sunday 20th August in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

The teams consist of some of the best IOD sailors in the world came on the spot all the way from Norway, to the yacht clubs, Manhattan and practiced to get accustomed to the new environment of sailing.

The Northeast Harbor Fleet is host of the IOD Worlds this year, welcoming the teams coming from national and international yacht clubs, Bermuda, Norway; Nova Scotia, Island of Fisher, Marblehead, Long Island Sound, MA, San Francisco, Manhattan Yacht Club, Nantucket and the home team of this year Northeast Harbor. On the course, the rolling fog and changing winds of the Maine islands offered an exciting and often unpredictable racetrack for sailors every time. Navigating pots of lobster and choppy waters craggy shores while fighting for the victory will challenge every metal of captain during the World Series which is going to be a week long. Continue reading…

Craig Claims 5th OK Dinghy Title

There is a sweet relationship building between Great Britain’s Nick Craig and the OK Dinghy title.

Craig has claimed his fifth world crown of the OK Dinghy series after winning the 2017 OK Dinghy World Championship held in Barbados from 27 to 31 May.

This is the fifth time that Craig has won the OK Dinghy title and this should be the sweetest of his career so far. He is the first person in the history of the Dinghy class to win 5 titles. This is an outstanding achievement from the British man and he is more than happy to have achieved such a feat.

Jim Hurt of Great Britain was the defending champion of the race and had a very good and impressive outing in the waters. But, even his impressive sailing of not going below the 5th position did not get him the title. The third place of the OK Dinghy event in Barbados was claimed by New Zealander Luke O’Connell. Continue reading…

Alan Roura Finishes Vendee Globe

Alan Roura is a Swiss skipper who is the youngest of the 29 skippers who were part of Vendee Globe expedition that ended recently, having started on November 6th. Alan crossed the finish line in Les Sables with seven solo racers still on their way to reach the finish line. About eleven skippers have already completed the race while eleven others had to abandon the race at different stages.

Roura at 23 years of age has been one of the successful sailors to have completed this grueling tour and reach the finishing line. He struggled with light winds towards the end of the trip for which his speed was slowed down considerably. Continue reading…

Round-The-World Sailing Record Created By Joyon

Francis Joyon with his five team members broke the round-the-world sailing record.

They become the first sailing team to circumnavigate the globe in 40 days without taking assistance anytime.

The team entered Brest on the France west coast on their 31 meters maxi-trimaran Idec Sport after spending 40 days 23 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds at sea.

The record was first in the name of Frenchman Loick Peyron. In 2012, Payron circumnavigate the Globe without any assistance. He completed the journey in 45 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds. Peyron was with 13 crew members and that time they won the Jules Verne Trophy on a 40 meter craft. Joyon has broken the record of Peyron by over four days.

The record of Joyon is the third round-the-world. Thomas Coville the sailor from France pulverized the circumnavigation solo record on December 25; he completed the tour in 49 days 03 hours and 7 minutes. It was faster by eight days than the previous record. Continue reading…

Clark And Mills Partnership

Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark have been crowned as world sailors for this year and they have gained acclaim as Olympic champions as well. Indeed, there are several images all over media of both of the lady sailors celebrating the 470th gold medal win that they achieved in Rio de Janeiro. Both are Olympic medalists of considerable fame and they have even gained the World Sailor of Year award.

Clark is 37 years old and hails from Rhodes while Mills is 28 years old and is a native of Cardiff. They had secured silver in the 2012 London Olympics and this year they were able to secure gold in Rio. The award that they received in Barcelona helped both of them to come together for the last time as Clark has decided to retire from sailing while Mills is looking to sign up for the 49erFX class with an event coming up in Tokyo. Continue reading…

Queen’s Sail Victory Created History

Yachting World Cup for students held in La Rochelle, France was just normal, but this time the team of Canada was not normal.

The team has been here not just to win, but to create history. Queen was chosen to represent Canada in the championship. And in 36 years any Canadian team first time won this championship and created the history.

The team was scheduled to compete with seven other teams coming from other parts of the world. In this championship total eight teams participates and each team did six races in week. All were pushing themselves to get gold and have done a lot of pre-preparation for it.

In their first five races Queens were standing on the place where they were three points ahead of their competitor. In the final round and sixth round they had to secure fourth position to maintain their lead and they did it. Continue reading…