Clark And Mills Partnership

Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark have been crowned as world sailors for this year and they have gained acclaim as Olympic champions as well. Indeed, there are several images all over media of both of the lady sailors celebrating the 470th gold medal win that they achieved in Rio de Janeiro. Both are Olympic medalists of considerable fame and they have even gained the World Sailor of Year award.

Clark is 37 years old and hails from Rhodes while Mills is 28 years old and is a native of Cardiff. They had secured silver in the 2012 London Olympics and this year they were able to secure gold in Rio. The award that they received in Barcelona helped both of them to come together for the last time as Clark has decided to retire from sailing while Mills is looking to sign up for the 49erFX class with an event coming up in Tokyo.

Both of them feel that their partnership had been a great one and they would remain friends even after they do not sail professionally anymore. At the Barcelona event they stated their gratitude to all those who had stood by them and supported their different competition events.

They also talked about their performance in Brazil and how everyone had to put up a great show and their best in order to perform and try to achieve the best results. Clark admitted that it was an emotional event and they were glad to be part of the same. They especially felt grateful to their British sailing counterparts. It also signaled a great end to their partnership. There were votes given to the pair from the national authorities of World Sailing and much appreciation was also extended to the rest of the crew who had supported the pair.

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